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 Boy, didn't we have a beautiful day. Perfect weather for the Chasco Show. We had a total of 402 vehicles registered with 26 pre-registered not showing up. I heard from a few saying they had some problems with their vehicles. We really had some awesome vehicles there and I believe all of our sponsors were happy with the turnout of participants and spectators. I was told that they estimated the total number of spectators walking throughout the day at between 3,500 & 4,000 people. I heard from a few of them saying what a fantastic showing of cars, trucks & motorcycles we had there. Lots of pictures were taken of the vehicles, some with the Winghouse girls that were there.


It was great having the "Krewe of Forti" and the "Tunnel o Towers" there for everyone to see. We ended up with close to $900 from 50/50 that is being donated to T2T. This years 50/50 collected close tp $1,800.00, up $200 from last year, thanks to all of you that bought tickets.

We are getting into a new era and this was the first year we were doing everything using computers. Unfortunately, the extension cord we were using was somehow unplugged right as we were beginning to call out the 151 Awards we were giving out. Got a little confusing at that point. We ended up with a bunch of trophies that weren't handed out. For that reason I will soon have both the "Top 66 Trophies" and the 85 "Specialty Trophies" listed below with the winners, their registration #, and the vehicle registered. If one of those belong to you, just get in touch with us, and I'll have it saved for you. I'm also going to post them on Facebook.

I hope all of you had a good time and enjoyed the show. I wish we had an award for each of the great vehicles that were there, because there was a lot of them that didn't get one, but that's not realistic. 

I do want to say that we never intend to give two awards for the same vehicle. This year because of the computer problem, that happened. I promise you that will not happen again. The only time it can , and has happened, is when the winner of the "Participants Choice" wins another trophy. We have in the past, mare than once, selected a vehicle for "Best Overall" that also won "Participants Choice".

Next years show will be on March 17, 2024...Save that date.

Thank you all for your participation,

and remember to "Enjoy the Ride"


Event Chairman


2023 Chasco Car Show Major Sponsors

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