22nd Annual Chasco Fiesta Car, Truck & Bike Show




Couldn't have picked a better day. a little warm but no rain at all. We had a total of 287 vehicles registered, with only a few no-shows. And all of the vehicles there were awesome looking. 

I think our club members did a great job considering it was the first time we weren't around the lake and we had to learn what was the best way to approach getting all the vehicles registered and parked. We loved putting it on around the lake, but considering we lost the parking lot to condos, Central Ave, lost area to the piers, and the ever enlarging Circus, better going downtown and utilizing all the parking in the streets and parking lots. With the Chasco Fiesta returning in March, we plan to have our show (on Sunday March 27th) back in Downtown New Port Richey.

Of course the entire show wouldn't be able to go on without the generosity of our Major Sponsors,  "Feola's Service Center" their 8th year, "Ford of Port Richey" their 6th year, 'O'Reilly Auto Parts" and "Sky Power Sports" each for their 1st year. When you patronize these businesses, please thank them for their sponsorship. 

And of course, without all of you that registered for the show, we wouldn't have one. We thank you for your patience with us, because I know there were some mistakes made, and I pledge to make all the corrections needed to make it an even better show next year.

We thank you and all of the local charities that we donate to during the year thank you. Especially the wife and family of or lost friend and DJ Tom Jones


In the near future I will be putting a lot of pictures as well as a list of all the Award winners and the categories they won on this site. One note: in the "Best in Class 2005-2021" category we had a 7 way tie, each with extremely high scores. We only had 5 awards so we put their names in a hat, pulled out 2 and the remaining 5 got the awards. That was wrong, so we are making two additional awards and presenting the to Tim Leo and Fred Karavas for their 2021 Dodge Redeyes.


Patrick Martucci

Event Chairman (for 22 years)

Flyer 2021 small.jpg

Any of the first 125 registered vehicles that weren't able to participate, can email us to make arraignments to get your dash plaque and t-shirt. You will have until July 15th to do so. After that the shirts will be sold for $15.00.

Best of Show Overall

Best of Show Automobile

Best of Show Truck

Best of Show - Motorcycle

Club Participation

Participants Choice

Gulf Side "Guy's Pick"

Gulf Side "Ladies Choice" 

Best Chevy

Best Ford

Wildest Ride

Best Sportster 1st Place

Best Chopper

Best Pontiac 

Best Mopar

Best T-Bird

Best American Bike 1st Place

Best Ford Truck

Best Chevy Truck

Best Dodge Truck

Best Corvette

Best Chevelle

Best Camaro

Best Mustang

Best Challenger

Best Pontiac GTO

Best Imported Motorcycle

Best Sportster 2nd Place

Best Trike 1st Place

Best Trike 2nd Place

Best "Work in Progress"

Best Pre 73' Mustang

Best Post 73' Mustang  

Best Pre 73 Camaro

Best Post 73 Camaro

Best C-1 Corvette

Best C-2 Corvette

Best C-3 Corvette

Best C-4 Corvette

Best C-5 Corvette

Best C-6 Corvette

Best C-7 Corvette

Best C-8 Corvette

Coolest Cruiser

Best American Touring Bike

Best American Bike 2nd Place

Best of the 90's

Best of the 80's

Best of the 70's

Best of the 60's

Best of the 50's

Best of the 40's

Best of the 30's

Best of the 20's

Best Pre 1920's Vehicle

Best OEM

Best Custom Corvette

Best European Bike

Best V. W.

Best Paint

Best Paint - Bike

Best Custom Paint

Best Kawasaki Motorcycle

Best Street Rod

Best "Rat" Rod

Best Jeep

Best Interior

Best Electric Vehicle

Best Imported Auto

Best Display

Best 4 X 4

Best Honda Motorcycle

Best Touring Import Bike

Best Ladies "Ride" Bike

Best Vintage Bike

Best Suzuki - Bike

Best Custom Wheels

Best Looking Racecar

Best Cuda

Best Customized Import

Best Yamaha - Bike

Best Engine

Best Commercial Vehicle

Most Unusual Vehicle

Special Interest Motorcycle

Best in Class Trophies

Total of 40 trophies with 5 in each division


Is to unite Corvette owners for the purpose of charitable activities, community parades, events, car shows and general socializing.  As a non-profit group, we work for the betterment of our community.


Membership is limited to Corvette owners and their family.  Annual dues are $50.00 due in January of each year.  Owners are required to be at least 18 years of age.  Membership benefits include meeting other corvette owners to do social events such as parades, homecomings, Special Olympics, cruises, car shows, and parties of all sorts.  A yearly weekend outing with many other Corvette clubs is also a special event we attend.  We also have Club shirts, hats, and jackets available locally for purchase.


PO Box 1222, Port Richey, FL 34673-1222

Tel: 727-236-0959

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