22nd Annual Chasco Fiesta Car, Truck & Bike Show

                      * OFFICIALLY CANCELED*                    


We tried our best to have the show this year, but because of the Virus, the City of New Port Richey will be closed to any events through the month of November. Our last attempt was to have a "Halloween/Chasco" show on November 1st. We planned to have costume contest along with the car show, but was told we weren't allowed to have any event in November. We felt it would help the businesses in the City and give us a chance to recoup our expenses and maybe make some money for our charities.

Due to all those rejections, and with the "Chasco Fiesta" beginning on April 8th, we really have no other options. So anyone of the 86 pre-registered participants that would like to get a refund, all you need to do is let us know and we will mail you a refund check. If you would like to just leave your registration with us, you can, and you will  be automatically registered for our next Chasco show on Sunday April 9th, 2021. Not sure what we should call it. The "22nd"? the "2nd 22nd"? "Late 22nd"/ We have a while to decide what to call it, but be assured, we will be begin planning for it soon. 

Again, we apologize for taking so long to announce the cancelation, but we really were trying to come up with an acceptable date. 


Remember, if you want a refund, just let us know. If your OK with leaving your registration for next year, no need to do anything at this time. Once we get closer to next years show I will publish a list of those of you that are already pre-registered. 

We would like to thank those of our sponsors, that have agreed to allow us to hold onto their funds for next years show. It helps us keep our lost expenses to a minimum, and allows us to prepare for next years show.  Also all of the businesses that donated "Door Prizes". We thank them all.

Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for anything new. Any questions, send an email, or you can call me @ 727-236-0959


Event Chairman


Again, due to the virus we can no longer meet at "Prime Time", so we changed our general meeting (Every Wednesday @ 7:00), to ""BREEZR 19" (the old Niko's) located at 6818 US 19, Port Richey. If you own a corvette, over 18 and looking for an interesting Corvette Club, come join us. You can check out some of the events we have by clicking on our "calendar"  up top.


Is to unite Corvette owners for the purpose of charitable activities, community parades, events, car shows and general socializing.  As a non-profit group, we work for the betterment of our community.


Membership is limited to Corvette owners and their family.  Annual dues are $25.00 due in January of each year.  Owners are required to be at least 18 years of age.  Membership benefits include meeting other corvette owners to do social events such as parades, homecomings, Special Olympics, cruises, car shows, and parties of all sorts.  A yearly weekend outing with many other Corvette clubs is also a special event we attend.  We also have Club shirts, hats, and jackets available locally for purchase.


PO Box 1222, Port Richey, FL 34673-1222

Tel: 727-236-0959

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