18th Annual Chasco Fiesta Car, Truck & Bike Show

Orange Lake, New Port Richey FL   -   Sunday, April 3, 2016  

2016 Chasco Motorcycle Trophy List

1 -  Best of Show - Motorcycle

-  Best Trike 1st PLace

3 -  Best Trike 2nd Place

-  Best American Motorcycle 1st Place 

-  Best American Motorcycle  2nd Place  

-  Best Imported Motorcycle

-  Best Vintage

-  Best "Ladies  Ride"

-  Best Chopper

10 - Best "Old School Bobber"

11 - Best Sportster 1st PLace

12 - Best Sportster 2nd Place

13 - Best 'Rat" Bike

14 - Best European Bike

15 - Best Touring - Import 

16 - Best Touring  - American 

17 - Best "Street Tracker"

18 - Best Custom Paint

19 - Best "Cafe" Racer 

20 - Best Kawasaki

21 - Best Honda

22 - Best Susuki

23 - Best Yamaha

24 - Special Interest



Thank you Sponsors:


Is to unite Corvette owners for the purpose of charitable activities, community parades, events, car shows and general socializing.  As a non-profit group, we work for the betterment of our community.


Membership is limited to Corvette owners and their family.  Annual dues are $50.00 due in January of each year.  Owners are required to be at least 18 years of age.  Membership benefits include meeting other corvette owners to do social events such as parades, homecomings, Special Olympics, cruises, car shows, and parties of all sorts.  A yearly weekend outing with many other Corvette clubs is also a special event we attend.  We also have Club shirts, hats, and jackets available locally for purchase.


PO Box 1222, Port Richey, FL 34673-1222

Tel: 727-236-0959

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